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Hey man, just wanted to give you a status update – I checked my stats and saw 31 unique clicks from you, 58% opt-in rate, and 2 sales. That’s ridiculous! Looking forward to the rest of your traffic

Nick Stoicof,

I hate to do this man as I would really love to keep your solo ad service for my self. Your Solo Ad really rocked and I hate to share you with anyone.. If you can fulfil orders of couple of thousands ill book em all so that you can give me more of this juice.

Ivan Rendulic,

I ordered 100 clicks from KME and received 111 with a 62% CONVERSION RATE. I even made 2 sales.. Absolutely FANTASTIC.

Jesse Reed,

I bought 100 clicks off KME Byrne for my healthy coffee business. The clicks were so good I bought another 100 before the first order was done. Ended up with 58% opt in rate, mostly all T1 and a few sales in the works. Thanks a lot, I will be Back

Anthony Ferrante,

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